If you are seeing album art re-copied:

In 4.29 we fixed a bug that had caused Dapper to incorrectly put .png album art files in the folders of each album, instead of proper .jpg files.

This forced us to make Dapper rebuild it's album art cache entirely the first time you run that version.

On each run through we try and grab album art from iTunes, or actually extract it from the first song in the actual music files. as a result, it may take two syncs to completely rebuild the album art we put on your DAP.

We apologize for the inconvenience; but your album art will now be more accurate!

If your Dapper wants to sync album art more than 2 or 3 times; contact us - there's something wrong (you knew that)

If your Dapper is trying to re-sync the same music files over and over, it may be that we have seen some users have database corruption in their Dapper software which causes this.

 Please open a ticket.